Working with Us

Interested in working at the General Store?

Hold up.

Before you get excited by our chill environment, you should know that we are a student-run, non-hierarchical, non- profit business! Operating a student-run business is highly demanding in nature. Members depend heavily on each other to be responsible and proactive. You are expected to go beyond the requirements of an ordinary job. Becoming a member at the General Store is a large time commitment both in term of time and energy. However, you will learn how to run a business in a cooperative setting, which is invaluable.

If you are interested, come by the store and talk to one of those friendly faces behind the register! We typically hire at the start (weeks 1-3) of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, so check our Facebook page and the store often for information about our application process!

If you are interested in the G-Store, but aren't quite ready to commit to a paid position, drop by and volunteer! You can volunteer for however long you choose and we'll teach you how to stock products, help customers, and keep your g-spot clean. If you are interested in learning about how co-ops function and logistically how we run the store by consensus, come to one of our weekly meetings, almost every week on Friday at 5:30 at the store itself! These meetings are open to the public.