Sell your Stuff


The General Store loves its consignment program! If you're an artist, have some old N64 games, or just want to try selling your work, you can bring it by the General Store! Make sure whatever you want to sell is in mint condition or your own masterpiece. Before you can sell with us, your items must be approved by the members. This process happens on Friday evenings, so come by the store and explain your products to someone on shift and we'll talk about it the following Friday! Assuming you are accepted, you set the prices for your items and make that profit when your items sell and we tack on an additional 30% to your price. You're responsible for checking up on your items regularly. You'll sign a contract with us that outlines the risk involved, but when it comes down to it, it's pretty simple.

Book Buyback

We are working on our book buyback program. Typically, you bring in your text books (no special or old editions, or loose leaf texts) and we tell you how much we'll buy it for! It's super simple! We will let you know as soon as our Book Buyback program is back on its feet. It is a priority for us. Ask us at the store or check our Facebook page for an updated response. :)

I-Clicker Buyback

Any time of the year, you can bring in your used iClicker 2 in exchange for $20! We do not accept iClicker 1s unfortunately.