Back in the 1980s, a group of friends got together to order jeans at a discounted price. From there, products were added over time to continue to help UCSD students be able to purchase things at a reasonable price. It might have all started with some blue jeans, but add a few products here, a vinyl collection there, and 40 years later voila! You've got the awesome G-Store that you see today.

We pride ourselves by being "by the students, for the students." The General Store Co-op is a non-profit, non-hierarchical business model run exclusively by students. There are no bosses or bureaucratic strings attached (non-hierarchical), and every dollar made goes right back into the store (non-profit). We make all decisions by consensus, which means everyone has to agree before we can make any decisions!

We absolutely love our community, and are constantly striving to uphold the G-Store spirit and meet the needs of our peers and customers. Stop by for some of the cheapest prices on campus, jam on our historic piano, hang out and play a video game, or join us for one of our Nintendo tournaments or open mic nights! Please, please, please let us know if there is a product or event you'd like to see in the store! We're always open to suggestions! Click here if you have suggestions

Still wondering, who we are? Surf the Members page to get the scoop.